All About Stock4U

We are a Cornish, family run company, who have been sourcing and supplying quality gifts and homeware for over 30 years.

We began retailing over 30 years ago and still enjoy this part of the business. "Most people we know think we are crazy but it has always been a passion of ours"

The criteria for all our products is that they are profitable, fast selling and different.

As retailers, we understand your requirements better than companies who have no curent retail experience. We actually put all of our products on retail trial, in our own outlets, before we sell them to you. In this way, we KNOW that they sell. This experience led us to the wholesale market.

Our diverse customer base means that we have something for everyone. Our customers range from traditional gift shops (both coastal and town), through florists, chemists, galleries, interior design centres and on site attraction venues.

The popular demand (honestly!).......

Now us 'ave got 'lectricery and every modern convenience down yere, in Cornwall, we thought that it was time to respond to our customers' pleas for a website. This became easier, once we stopped mugging the spiders for building materials!

Thanks to modern techno wizardry here it is.....(pause for small fanfare, but we are economising so feel free to make your own noise of choice).

If you have any comments, we will be happy to hear from you. as we don't get out enough, we would just love to hear from you anyway.

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